Data Science with Python Training in Pune


Introduction to Data science

  • What is Data Science, and what does a Data Scientist do?
  • Various examples of Data Science in the industries
  • How Python is deployed for Data Science applications
  • Various steps in the Data Science process such as data wrangling,

Duration: 250 hrs   |   Fee: 35000  ₹ 30000

Data Science has been among the top paying jobs for the past several years. The rise of big data and use of analytics to fuel business growth has made it among the most in-demand jobs in enterprises and data scientists, a revered class of professionals. Python Programming language is powerful open source language. It is developed with data science tool and which is used to simplify and easily access the data and store the data easily. By R Programming language we can easily manipulate the data, also it can help in the analysis of Data, we can create the wonderful visualization and helps to access the high-quality content. This Data Science with Python Training provides you to learn data manipulation and cleaning of data using python.

About Data Science with Python Training

ProIT Technologies interactive Data Science with Python Training in Pune is a great place for you to get started on Python programming language and its use in Data Science. This aims at helping you understand the core concepts of Data science including exploratory data science, statistics, hypothesis testing,  regression classification modeling techniques, data visualization and machine
learning algorithms. Coaching from experts and plenty of hands-on exercises will ensure that you are industry ready by the end of this workshop.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those Interested in the field of data science
  • Those looking for a more robust, structured Python learning program
  • Those wanting to use Python for effective analysis of large datasets
  • Software or Data Engineers interested in quantitative analysis with Python
  • Data Analysts, Economists or Researchers

Course Description

Start your path to becoming a Data Scientist, using the power of Python. Analyze data, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms to convert your data into meaningful statistics that can help organizations achieve business outcomes.

Objectives of the Course

  •  Complete basics of Data Science
  •  Understand the concepts of BigData and able to work in Data mining.
  •  Understand the usage and how to use the tools like a tableau, map-reduce


There are no prerequisites to attend this course, but elementary programming knowledge will come in handy.

Who Can Do This Training

  • Those Interested in the field of data science
  • Those who want to master Python
  • Those working with and analysing large datasets
  • Software or Data Engineers interested in quantitative analysis with Python
  • Data Analysts, Economists or Researchers

What will you learn in this Training

  •  Get advanced knowledge of data science and how to use it in real life business
  • Understand the statistics and probability of Data science
  •  Get an understanding of data collection, data mining and machine learning
  •  Master Python and its libraries

What is the market trend? (SCOP)

Python language is famous for its simplicity and flexibility. The highlighting attributes of Python language are speed, productivity, easy readability, extensive libraries etc.

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