Artificial Intelligence Certification Training Course

Duration: 100 hrs   |   Fee: 35000 ₹ 30000 

About Artificial Intelligene Certification Training Course

Pro IT Technologies Artificial Intelligence course in India is an industry-designed course for learning TensorFlow, artificial neural network, perceptron in neural network, transfer learning in machine learning, backpropagation for training networks through hands-on projects and case studies. Get the best artificial Intelligence Course in India from Artificial Intelligence certified experts. 

About Artificial Intelligence Course

Pro IT Technologies offers the industry-designed training that will help you master the domain of artificial intelligence. As part of the training you will learn what is artificial neural networks, how to build the neural networks, its various layers, components, what is supervised and unsupervised learning, logistic and linear regression, write programs using Python language for machine learning applications.

What you will learn in this Artificial Intelligence certification course?

  • The fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • What is the importance of Deep Learning
  • TensorFlow & Tensor Processing Unit
  • Architecture of Multi-layered Neural Network
  • What is back propagation in neural networks
  • What is convolutional neural networks
  • Recognizing image & language processing.

Who should take this AI course?

  • Professionals in analytics, data science domains, ecommerce, search engine domains
  • Software professionals looking for a career switch and fresh graduates

What are the prerequisites for taking this Artificial Intelligence course?

Anybody can take this Training Course regardless of their prior skills.

Why should you take this Artificial Intelligence training certification course?

Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier which is defining industry vertical unlike any other technology in the past. Now would be the right time to get into this technology since AI is still in its nascent stages giving huge career growth opportunities. Pro IT Technologies offers the definitive training in Artificial Intelligence that has been created by industry professionals thus giving you a career edge.