Python Training In Pune

Duration: 100 hrs   |   Fee: 25000  ₹ 20000

About Python Certification Training Course

Pro IT Technologies’ Training is an institution providing professional education to individuals pursuing career growth in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive world. We aim to promote excellence in education and training in both the academic and corporate world.

 In python, everything is objected so it can also be named as “object-oriented scripting language”. Get real-time training with Python Certified Experts. Enroll now to become Python Developer and Professional.

Objective Of Training:

  • The objective of Python training is to learn the basics of writing the Python script.
  • The course structure offers detailed knowledge of scripting elements like variables and flows control.
  • Python training introduces beginners to basics and afterward to reach advanced levels of the language.
  • Introduction to Python’s standard library and its object-oriented features.

Who Can Do This Training

 With the number of Python a career opportunities on the rise, Python is fast becoming a must-know technology for the following professionals:

  • Aspirants looking for an easy and diverse programming language are suitable for Python.
  • Professionals looking for a language which open doors towards a high salary job.
  • Software professionals thinking of enhancing their skills. Python is also a good choice for automation and data analysis related executives.
  • Python is the future of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. As it offers flexibility over language making it more interactive.
  • Python is an ideal for iterative and agile design.


Learning python as such does not require any deep knowledge of programming. But if you have prior experience of coding and programming in  C, C#, and Java.than it is a plus point for the learner. If you are having work experience in software is also good.

What is the Python market trend? (SCOP)

After Python training one can opt any of the listed job profile such as Software Programmer, Python Programmer, Research analyst, Data analyst and many more.

Python is dynamic and supports many open source platforms like Django, Web testing, big data, AI and smart devices.

Many big names such as Facebook, Netflix, and even Google are using Python for writing its codes. So you can enter in any big organization with help of good Python experience.

What will you learn in this Python course?          

Python training upgrades your coding skills. As python is flexible and easy to learn the language, it makes you more productive. You also get good understanding of data libraries like pandas, NumPy and matplotlib. Python provides the fine level of control over coding, as a programmer can easily code a one a line to a complicated code with equal ease.